About the Artist 

Growing up in the Hudson River Valley has inspired my love for this magnificent area. I concentrated much of my study on the river's rich history in graduate school. This has only fed my passion to paint the river and its landmarks. 

In addition, my travels have given me much inspiration and subject matter for many of my paintings. I try on every occasion to paint on location first hand. Although photography is a way of recording one's travels, I enjoy so much more recording through my art what I experience in my journeys. I keep both an artist journal as well as painting at my plein air easel. When I look at these works I am brought right back to the place and time they were painted. It is as if I am experiencing the special moment once again.

My attraction to nature continues in my love of plant life and gardening. This can be seen in my watercolor botanicals. I love watching things grow. The medium of watercolor lends itself so well to this subject matter.

I am a member of Garrison Art Center, New York Plein Air Painters and Lower Hudson Valley Plein Air Painters. In the past I was active in showing my work in galleries and exhibitions. Now, as a new retiree, I am entering a new and exciting chapter of my life in which I plan to be involved once again in this area. I look forward to many more opportunities of painting and sharing my work with others.
Nothing excites me more than to paint God's creation. I love observing landscapes dance with light, shadows and color. Through various painting mediums, such as watercolor, pastels, oil and acrylic I try to capture what I see and experience. My great love for the out of doors and art create a wonderful combination for plein air painting
I hold a Bachelor in art studio from SUNY Geneseo and a Masters in Art Education from SUNY New Paltz. Now, as a retired Public art school teacher, I spend as much of my time painting out of doors or in my studio as possible.